Dating Trends: Ability to read your partner linked to happiness

Dating Trends: Ability to read your partner linked to happiness

Dating Trends: Ability to read your partner linked to happiness

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In a dating relationship or marriage, its important to share both an emotional bond as well as a physical one. Research indicates that women in a relationship where their partner is in tune to their happiness as well as emotional pain are happier than women who have a partner that is basically clueless to how they feel.

This may seem like common sense to some, but many partners are pretty oblivious when it comes to their partner’s feeling.

One research study concluded that when a partner is emotionally involved both during good and bad times, the relationship is more likely to thrive. Researcher Shiri Cohen of Harvard Medical School shares:

“It could be that for women, seeing that their male partner is upset reflects some degree of the man’s investment and emotional engagement in the relationship, even during difficult times. This is consistent with what is known about the dissatisfaction women often experience when their male partner becomes emotionally withdrawn and disengaged in response to conflict,”

With that said, how can you be more in tune with your partner?

  • Ask them how they are feeling. If they seem a bit different to you, maybe they have something on their mind.  If you are unable to read them, this will help you get some insight into what is going on.
  • Offer to be there for them if they want to talk. Just because you ask, does not mean you wil get a response.
  • Listen to them if they decide to share their concerns on their own.
  • Communicate that you are there for them in both the good times and bad times.
  • Remind them of the good times you share and that you will see them through the bad times as well.

How are you doing in your relationship? Are you good at being there emotionally for your partner both when things are going well as well as when something needs improvement?

Source: American Psychological Association

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