Minority LGBT families benefit from extended family social support


black lesbian couple minority lgbt families nclrMinority families will sometimes face adversity in society, whether it be in the form of economic hardship, discrimination for some reason, or even stigma. Families with gay and lesbian parents, who also happen to be minorities, face all of these factors, socially, and then some, because of their sexuality.

However, it appears that while society may not be very supportive of their physical and emotional needs, their extended families reportedly show great social support after the parents come out to them as being gay or lesbian.

The LGBT Families of Color Facts at a Glance report states the following:

In a 2010 survey of LGBT parents of color, the majority of black, Latino and Asian/Pacific Islander LGBT parents said that they were supported by their families as an LGBT person; two of out five said they were “completely supported” by their families.

By contrast, white LGBT parents more often report a lack of support from parents, siblings and other blood relatives—with relationships disrupted as a result of prejudice after coming out as LGBT.

It’s interesting to see the disparity in social support when comparing white LGBT families to minority LGBT families. Social support, for any family, especially a family in need, is vital for their growth as a unit. Family members thrive when they have social support in their pursuit of life goals, educational endeavors, and personal relationships.  Do you know a minority LGBT family? How do you see they have thrived with social support from their extended family?

Source: The LGBT Families of Color Facts at a Glance report

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