Jessie J: Sexuality does not define who you are

Jessie J: Sexuality does not define who you are

Jessie J: Sexuality does not define who you are

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jessie j is a bisexual singer sexuality does not define youSinger Jessie J shared her sexuality during an interview with Glamour. In the interview, she made it a point to identify herself as bisexual.

At the same time, she made it clear she does not think sexuality should define who you are.

As a single woman, the British pop star enjoys dating both men and women. Currently in a relationship with a man, she is bothered by the media’s assumptions regarding her sexuality.

In her Glamour interview, Jessie J shed light on the many biases held against bisexual individuals. As actress Cynthia Nixon pointed out, sexuality is multifaceted, part of someone, but not their entire identity.

Much like Nixon, Jessie J makes it clear she is attracted to both men and women. In her relationships, what is key is not the person’s sex, but how they make her feel as a person. She comments:

“For me, I want it to be less about sexuality and more about being comfortable in who you fall in love with,” the singer said. “If I meet someone and I like them, I don’t care if they’re a boy or a girl. You should never, ever apologize for anything that makes you happy.”

In terms of the media response, not many agree with her comments.

Biphobia, a very real concept present in many cultures throughout the world, is something that holds back many bisexual people from sharing their true identity with others. Yes, it is not their entire personality, but it is part of their makeup. How do you think society fosters this biphobia? How do celebrities such as Jessie J help change those images?

Sources: OUT/The Advocate

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