May is National Recommitment Month: Resolutions revisited

relationships goals National Recommitment Month hridubai 227x300May is National Recommitment Month. What does this mean?

National Recommitment Month takes place every May and involves reviewing goals you set back in January, typically associated with health and well-being.

Both marriages and dating relationship thrive when you care for them. Because these relationships in your life are part of your well-being, which of your goals do you need to review?

Perhaps this year you would like to get married, start a family, or invest in your first home together as a couple. Whatever your goals, take time to figure out what you want as a couple and what you need as an individual.

Relationship goals are shaped by many things, including your personal values and ideals, individual perspectives, and what you bring to the relationship. As individuals you will shape the goals you hold as a couple as you get to know each other.

As a couple, you will find what works for you. Along the way, your goals will guide you on the path you take together as a couple. Take inventory of what you have accomplished so far this year, and what still needs more focus as the second half of the year quickly draws near.

How is your dating relationship or marriage doing in terms of well-being?

Do you need to reconnect as a couple? Are you feeling as close to one another physically, emotionally, and spiritually as you would like? Consider each of these aspects when you sit down and re-evaluate your annual relationship goals during May, National Recommitment Month.

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