Mother’s Day gift ideas: Meaning of flower colors for mom

Mother’s Day gift ideas: Meaning of flower colors for mom

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Mother’s Day is the day you remember the special mothers in your life that have meant a lot to you over the years. Traditionally celebrated through sentimental greeting cards, brunch with mom, poems, or perhaps flowers, Mother’s Day invites you to celebrate mom.

You might be asking yourself, ‘When is Mother’s Day’ this year?”. Mother’s Day 2012 is on Sunday, May 13th.  On that day, if you are thinking of sending mom flowers, maybe you want to see what the color of those flowers means. Here is the rundown of the meaning of flowers and their colors.

Roses are among the most popular flowers sent to mothers on Mother’s Day. Colors that are often selected for mom include red, pink, white, and yellow. What do these colors signify? Here are a few rose colors and their meanings as explained by

Red is traditionally considered the rose for lovers. This strong color signifies passion. This rose might be a good one to send to your wife, or partner if she is the mother of your children, or like a mother to your children!

White is associated with humility and innocence. These roses would be good for religious figures in your life. Perhaps you volunteer at your local parish and would like to offer the mothers a token of appreciation – white roses would do the trick!


Yellow roses are a great symbol of friendship. If you have close friend that is also a mother or mom-to-be, these yellow roses are a lovely way to express your friendship with them.

Pink is traditionally symbolic of appreciate and admiration, according to Teleflora. Pink roses would be good to gift to your children’s’ teachers or tutors or maybe even your manager if she is a mother or grandmother.

Orange roses stand for enthusiasm and desire as explained by Perhaps you have a new crush who happens to be a mother. These flowers would be a nice way to let her know what she means to you.

Have a mom you just met, one that caught you eye as soon as you saw her? Teleflora suggest lilac and purple roses are the perfect way to show someone you felt love at first sight when you met them!


Which of these might you give to the mothers in your life? Take time to remember someone special this Mother’s Day!


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