Halloween date ideas: Cheap and creative costumes for couples


Photo Credit: Getty Images Halloween cheap creative costumes for couplesHalloween is slowly creeping up. Have you and your partner bought your Halloween costumes yet? Will you be wearing matching costume? If so, there are a bunch of costumes ideas for couples which could be good for you to enjoy the night together. Halloween parties can be a blast if you go in a couples costume!

Here are a few cheap and creative couples Halloween costume  ideas you can consider for this spooky season if you are going to a party or checking out the local mall with your date:

If you want to go for trendy costumes, zombies are the way to go. With AMC’s “The Walking Dead” a huge hit, zombie culture has been featured in the media a great deal. Zombie costumes are easy and simple to create and can basically be anything you like since zombie viruses infect everyone! Whether you want to be a zombie bride and groom or the hospital surgeons, you can arrive at your Halloween party in style as a couple of creepy zombies!

The Plug and Socket costume is an entertaining one. Modeled after traditional wall power outlets, you and your date will be a funny couple to check out.

Want something cute? How about being one of the famous Flintstones couples? You can either be Barney and Betty or of course, Fred and Wilma. Both of these couples have simple costumes, ones that will keep you pretty cool if you live in a hot climate like Miami.

There are always of course, the tried and true costume combos. For instance, you can be a groovy 1970’s couple donning peace signs and bright tie-dyed clothing. Or you can be the flashback retro 1980’s punk couple with florescent colors, big gold chains, and maybe even some NKOTB paraphernalia on hand!

You can also go for a cheesy couples costume and show up as bacon and eggs or a hot dog and bun! These costumes are usually simple in nature and relatively inexpensive.

Where can you buy cheap and creative Halloween costumes for couples? Visit these websites on pricing and sizes for your Halloween costumes:

What Halloween couples costumes are you considering this year? Are you leaning towards the creepy zombie apocalypse couples? Or are you considering a more traditional hippy couples Halloween costumes? Whatever you end up doing, have fun and get spooky!

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