Halloween costume ideas: Five reasons to be a zombie (VIDEO)

Halloween costume ideas: Five reasons to be a zombie (VIDEO)

Halloween costume ideas: Five reasons to be a zombie (VIDEO)

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Zombies are all the rage in popular culture right now. Couples, families, and just about anyone can be a zombie for Halloween. Turn on the TV and you’re bound to see a zombie somewhere, whether in the news, in a commercial, or on the latest episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. What’s so fun about these zombies? And why should you consider the idea of a zombie for your Halloween costume this year?

Here are five reasons to be a zombie this year:

  1. Zombies can be pretty much anyone. You can literally throw on any outfit, spray some fake blood on it, and crazy up your makeup and hair, and you’re set!
  2. You can turn any special occasion into a zombie Halloween costume. Have an old wedding dress laying around? Grab it this year and become a creepy zombie bride. All you have to do is check out a video on how to do your makeup and hair and you will be the spookiest zombie bride at your Halloween party this year.
  3. Being a zombie gives you a reason to look like you just got out of bed. If you are short on time and don’t really feel like getting all dolled up for your trick-or-treating this year, consider being a zombie. If you do, you can jump out of bed, mess up your hair a bit and head out.
  4. You will not be alone. Zombies usually travel in herds. Chances are if you decide to wear your best zombie Halloween costume, others with the zombie craze will follow.
  5. It’s cheap, creative, and easy to create a zombie costume. Whether you want to be romantic and take on the role of a zombie bride or freak people out by being a zombie nurse or doctor, you will not have to spend a whole lot of money.

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What other reasons can you think of to be a zombie for this Halloween season?

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