Ric Flair wife Jackie Beems files for separation from ‘dirty cheater’


ric flair legal separation jackie beemsFormer WWF Champion Ric Flair is in the process of getting divorced. TMZ reports his wife, Jackie Beems (Jacqueline Fleihr) has filed for legal separation from the Nature Boy.

Flair and Beems were married in 2009. This is the Nature Boy’s fourth marriage. His track record speaks for itself, Ric Flair likes the idea of getting married but perhaps the actual marriage part isn’t working for him.

Ric Flair joins recent celebrities who have filed for divorce including his arch rival Hulk Hogan, actor Danny DeVito, and actor Dennis Quaid. Should men in the entertainment business worry this might be a trend for celebrity couples?

With recent engagement news in Hollywood including that of Hugh Hefner with girlfriend Crystal Harris, what can male celebs expect out of marriage in the celebrity world? Is marriage changing for celebrities? Or are people just putting up with less in the entertainment field?

Sources: TMZ, IMDb

What do you think? What might explain what is up with all these broken celebrity marriages? If Ric Flair’s history of marriages is any indication, male celebrities are in for it!

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