Valentine’s Day gift ideas zombie fans will crave

Valentine’s Day gift ideas zombie fans will crave

Valentine’s Day gift ideas zombie fans will crave

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Are you a fan of shows like AMC’s “The Walking Dead”? Do you love movies like “28 Days Later” and “Resident Evil”? Then maybe your valentine will love some zombie laden Valentine’s Day gifts to make their holiday all the more special.

zombie valentines day ecard greeting card

This year, Valentine’s Day is on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013. Who says it always has to be romantic greeting cards, beautiful roses, and candle lit dinner to make your Valentine’s Day a success?

Zombie lovers can have an awesome holiday without the mushy romanticism by enjoying some zombie fun. Here are a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your honey that are sure to creep you out:

Send your girlfriend a gruesome zombie Valentine’s Day Ecard. Greeting cards can show you are thinking about the person and you care to “send the very best”. Zombie greeting cards are a fun way to tell someone you care about them while showing them you remember they like their undead! Some sites you can visit for zombie Valentine’s Day greeting cards include: Some Ecards and Think GeeK

Is your boyfriend into pictures? Well, then why not create a romantically creepy portrait of the two of you in your best zombie outfit look? Shine on Yahoo! shares one website where you can create a zombie couples portrait. Artist Rob Sacchetto invites readers to send him a portrait and he will gladly draw you and your honey as blood-thirsty undead. Visit his site for more information.

Are you and your partner getting ready for the zombie apocalypse? Then maybe you need to get yourself some gear. Surprise your partner with survival riot gear. Visit to get your very own Brooklyn Smasher or Two-Handed Great Sword and you’ll feel ready once the zombies come groaning at your door!

What’s on your zombie Valentine’s Day gift wish list?

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