Weird mom son drug kiss: Mother gave Oxycodone with tongue

mom son drug kiss

In another strange news story, a mom son drug kiss was the way to go for one mother trying to smuggle contraband Oxycodone to her incarcerated son.

Kimberly Margeson (54) and William Partridge (30) had a ‘nice’ French kiss in which the drugs were exchanged.

Partridge is currently serving time in New York for a weapons charge. Now, a drug contraband charge will be added to his sentence.

The Yates County mother will also face charges for attempting to smuggle drugs into a federal prison.

As of Tuesday, Feb. 5, CBS news reports Kimberly Margeson has plead not guilty to the charges filed against her by Yate County authorities. Apparently her weird mom son drug kiss was no big deal in her mind.

What are your thoughts on this weird mom son drug kiss?

What kind of mother tries to smuggle drugs to her son by kissing him on the mouth? For that matter, what kind of mother would even try to get the drugs into a federal prison in the first place?

Sources: CBS News, Opposing Views, The Hollywood Gossip


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  1. Rebecca Bardelli says:

    Great reporting here. Wow, the things people do.

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