Cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas: Visit a National Park or gardens

Cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas: Visit a National Park or gardens

Cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas: Visit a National Park or gardens

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cheap valentine's day date ideas everglades national park flamingo trail

Everglades National Park – Photo Credit: Belky Schwartz

Valentine’s Day 2013 is right around the corner. A cheap date would be a good idea if money is tight this year but you still want to share a special, romantic date with your date.

A few things you can do that won’t cost you all that much money can be a great way to make the day your own, and special at the same time. Bring along your rose bouquets, special Valentine’s Day greeting card, and of course a romantic box of chocolates and you’re good to go.

Here are a few cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas:

See what local gardens, parks, of even zoos are offering on Valentine’s Day or weekend.

For instance in Miami, Pinecrest Gardens and Fairchild Gardens will surely offer romantic events for couples. If you are a fan of nature, beautiful flowers and art displays, these gardens are for you and your date. You could also check out a National Park near you. South Florida is home to Everglades National Park, open year-round. This park is full of places you can explore together.

Local parks are a great place to host your own private, romantic picnic. Parks such as Tropical Park and A.D. Doug Barnes Park have lakes, picnic benches, and bike routes where you can spend the day together away from everyone else.

You could also just stay home. Share a romantic dinner, listen to some love songs, and enjoy each other’s company. Order in so you don’t have to fight the holiday waiting. Romantic Valentine’s Day movies might also be a good idea for you on this special day.

If you really feel like going out on the town, maybe you can celebrate a day later. The day after Valentine’s Day things will settle down to normal traffic in restaurants and at the movies. You will be less stressed trying to find a romantic dinner table for two if you wait until the day after Valentine’s Day.

What are your plans this year? Is a cheap Valentine’s Day date idea on your list? What’s on your Valentine’s Day date list for 2013?

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