Free Zombie Valentine’s Day cards show you love their brains

free zombie valentines day card

Photo Credit: Anything Zombie

Valentine’s Day 2013 is a creeping up on us. Do you have your free zombie Valentine’s Day card ready to go for your love? Show you love them for their brains with ‘romantic’ zombie Valentine’s Day cards. There are few ways you can get your cold little hands on one.

You can either do a search on the internet for images to send via-email, find a special zombies eCard online, or simply get some pics from “The Walking Dead” and send those to your love.

Places you can find zombie eCards or zombie Valentine’s Day cards include ThinkGeek and SomeCards. Both of these sites offer ways to customize your very own creepy zombies love card. They are either free or pretty cheap.

Want to create your own card and not have to rely on a website? Do a search with keywords such as free zombie Valentine’s Day cards, “zombie greeting cards”, “zombie love” and you are sure to find a few images that are perfect for letting your partner know why you “chew chew chews them”!

Write up a zombie love poem and create your own Valentine’s Day crafty card. Handmade Valentine’s Day crafts are both fun to do and really let you get creative as you express your love to someone.

Need some help getting started? Visit Zombie Logic or check out Zombies Don’t Date for a hysterical twisted Valentine’s Day zombie poem.

What are your ideas for a free zombie Valentine’s Day card? When all else, fails, maybe some dead flowers will do the trick!

Just make sure you and your date enjoy the day.

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