Report: Lesbians do better than gay men in dating scene

Report: Lesbians do better than gay men in dating scene

Report: Lesbians do better than gay men in dating scene

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It turns out lesbians are better daters than gay men. Dating specialist Meghann Novinskie of Mixology explains lesbian women and gay men approach differently at different ages.

As expected, both men and women date similarly in their 20s. But once they reach their 30s, their dating patterns change. The way lesbians and gay males view relationships changes.

Novinskie explains:

” When you’re in your early 20s, trying to establish yourself in your desired career and make a happy home for yourself, whether it be with a partner or not, it is much easier to explore your options in the dating world. Going to bars and clubs is much more acceptable during this time in your life, and you’re more apt to explore your options — especially if you are a transplant from another city.

She goes on to add:

 “As a more mature adult, however, dating becomes more challenging, and that’s where the stereotypes about lesbians and gay men dating come in to play a bit more.”

“‘By nature, women are sometimes more comfortable with nesting once they’ve figured out who they are,”

I know it sounds stereotypical; however, women are more inclined to look for a more nurturing relationship and working on that. Men, however — and this goes for straight men, as well — are wired with that ‘grass is always greener’ mentality. They may find it harder to settle down or may do so at a later age than women, potentially. I have seen from experience that amount of time going from ‘dating’ to being in a ‘serious relationship’ can be shorter for women than it is in men.”

So what’s the take home message here? It would seem lesbian women change their dating patterns when they reach their 30s, While gay men might enjoy the challenges the dating scene offers, lesbian women seem to seek more security in their dating relationships during this time.

Sources: Huffington Post

What do you think of Novinskie’s statements? Are they accurate? What would you add to them?

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