Social worker: Bisexual people real part of GLBTQ community

bisexual female symbolThe GLBTQ community includes gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. However, as discussed by social worker Shane Whalley, many times, the bisexual population is left out many discussions.

In a DailyTexan article, Whalley explains what he feels truly defines bisexuality, and why many in the GLBTQ community sometimes fail to recognize the significance of bi men and women as part of the community.

Whalley, also the director for the Gender and Sexuality Center explains:

“Bisexuality is defined as someone who is emotionally, sexually and romantically attracted to more than one sex. This can be more than just men and women but also [transgender people].”

He points out a common misconception:

“Many think that bisexuals are attracted to every gender and that is untrue. Others think that bisexuals are attracted 50/50 to each sex.”

Whalley continues:

“Bisexuality should be a part of the community, but it always isn’t. Society does not like to put things in a tiny box and have choices.”

Biphobia is a real concern for bisexual individuals. Despite being an obvious part of the GLBTQ community, they are considered ‘confused’ or ‘selfish’ individuals. This is not the case.

Awareness. Whalley’s underlying message, helps spread the message that sexuality is a very personal, individual part of a person’s identity, not their sole being.

Video Credit: YouTube

Sources: DailyTexan

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