What happens in your first marriage counseling session?

What happens in your first marriage counseling session?

What happens in your first marriage counseling session?

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What happens in your first marriage counseling session? This is a question many first time couples therapy clients ask themselves.

While this may seem a bit mysterious, what takes place is a some basic information gathering and the start of the therapeutic process.

Some therapists prefer to see ecah partner indivdaully at first. Others like to see you

Each mental heath counselor, or therapist will have a different view of how to approach counseling.

The clinician’s school of thought will help them decide which way best works for both of you in the therapeutic relationship.  Couples therapy generally begins in the same manner.

Couples therapy (also called marital therapy or marriage counseling)  is helping in treating a variety of concerns including depression, grief, family concerns, intimacy or lack of sexual connection, and break down in communication.

At times, couple therapy can also include alternating family counseling if the dynamics in family relationships are impacting the dynamics within the couple.  Overall, mental health care aims to help clients find new and healthy ways to cope with current life stresses.

So, what happens in your first marriage counseling session for couples therapy?

At your initial session, the therapist will provide you with forms that need to be signed and filled out which will ask you about your personal history.

The most important form will be the consent for which informs the therapist you are agreeing to receive mental health treatment from them.

Personal history include but is not limited to:

  • Your relationships history
  • Medical history (including whether you are taking medication, psychotropic or otherwise)
  • Use of drugs and alcohol
  • Previous mental health treatment
  • Religious affiliations
  • Social support (including who you life with)
  • Level of education
  • What you do for work
  • What you do for fun

After you finish your paperwork, your therapist will meet with you to review the paperwork and discuss the limits of confidentiality.

What are the limits of confidentiality? Discussing the limits of confidentiality is important for you and your counselor.

Confidentiality ensures that almost everything you say will remain private.  Notes, records, etc. will not be shared without your consent. What is included in these limits of confidentiality?

For the most part, everything is confidential except if you disclose that you:  have hurt or want to hurt a child, elderly person, or someone sick.

As with many things in life there are exceptions to every case, so if you have a question, as your therapist to be sure.

Once these documents are reviewed, the therapist will likely go through a clinical interview with you that will discuss your history more in depth so the counselor gets an idea of what our background looks like. During this time you will also get a chance to discuss your goals for therapy and what you would like to accomplish throughout the therapy process.

After the clinical interview is completed, the session will be wrapped up.  At this time, your therapist may ask for your impression of the therapeutic process thus far.

Providing the therapist with thoughts on how you feel so far helps them best cater sessions for you. What questions you would have for a first-time couples therapy session?

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