Couples counseling: Why do men cheat?

Couples counseling: Why do men cheat?

Couples counseling: Why do men cheat?

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When an affair happens in a dating relationship or marriage, it can really rock the boat.

If you felt you were doing OK before the affair, doubts can creep in and fester unless you and your partner figured out why he cheated.

A big question is, just why do men cheat?

One way to begin addressing the issues is through marriage counseling or couples therapy.

Partners often bring up questions related to regaining trust, being able to believe what the cheater says, and increasing behaviors that include spying on the cheater to avoid future hurt through infidelity.

In Miami, as with many other large cities, marriage counseling becomes a refuge for couples seeking answers, guidance on how to move past an affair.

Couples therapy, commonly referred to as marital therapy, relationship counseling, or marriage counseling is sometimes conducted as a additional service to individual therapy, family counseling, or psychological testing.

A trained clinician such as a psychotherapy or relationships counselor will be able to explore issues that you and your partner are faced with.

In dealing with affairs, topics such as risky behaviors, building trust, and reconnecting as a couple will be explored in sessions.

Couples therapy in Miami, whether it be with straight married couples, or couples from the LGBT community in a domestic partnership or civil are all vulnerable to infidelity. Considering this, what do you think is a good answer to the question: why do men cheat?

A few reasons why men are cheating in their relationships include:

  • For a rush? The risk of getting caught may excite some men.
  • Seeking a new sexual experience – something different from their marriage or main partnership.
  • To escape from their household responsibilities.
  • To feel younger?
  • Boredom in the bedroom with partner.
  • Looking for someone to listen to them that won’t ‘nag.
  • Searching for a mate that ‘needs’ them again.
  • Their partner is not as attractive as they used to be.

Men and women have different relationship needs. Individual instincts are driven by a variety of motivations and these reasons only begin to scratch the surface as to why men are cheating on their partners.

What other reasons can you think of that explains why men are cheating?

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