Bachelorette spoilers: Is one of the Desiree’s bachelors gay?

is one of desiree's bachelors gay? brooks and michael soccer with desiree in spain 822x548Every week on “The Bachelorette” 2013 has been filled with some kind of drama. But this season, “Bachelor” nation fans have a new question, “Is one of Desiree’s bachelors gay?”

The Portugal episode aired on Monday July 8. This week, Des spend more quality time with her final five guys, Drew, Chris, Brooks, Michael, and Zak.

But the question kept coming up, “Is one of Desiree’s bachelors gay?”

Last week she sent home Kacey and James after drama in the house alert Des to James’ ulterior motives.

Fans wonder if one of the guys is gay and not there for the right reasons. If there is a guy on the show who is gay, will he break her heart? Or will Desiree find out when it’s too late?

Desiree Hartsock is no stranger to heartbreak. Could this be another blow to her heart of one of the guys is gay and she doesn’t know it yet? So far, Des has been lead on by guys trying to get publicity, or just get some experience dating. When it’s all said and done, it’s going to be kind of tough for her to sift through the bachelors who are really there for her, and the ones who there with their own agendas!

What do you think of the guys she has left?

Do you think she made a good decision with the guy she sent home in Portugal? Could he have been ‘the one’?

Sources: ABC

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