Dating tips: Making the first move on Facebook

making the first move on Facebook

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Flirting on Facebook can be a lot of fun. But what if you’re not sure if the other person is ready for you to make the first move?

Making the first move on Facebook can let the other person know you are interested in them.

But, what does a good first move look like? Making the first move on Facebook can be a few different things.

A first move can be a private message, a picture on someone’s wall, or even a romantic poem sent via a message.

However you decide to make your first move on Facebook, keep these pointers in mind:

  •  Be positive in how you communicate. Nobody wants to hear a negative-Nelly yapping at them when they are trying to get to know someone.
  • Share your feelings but avoid controversial points or subjects that may fuel conflicts.
  • Post status updates that appear healthy in nature. This means avoiding the use of curse words or slangs that might denote you are interested in unhealthy relationships.
  • Be honest. If you want to establish a good relationship from the start, honesty is a great way to do so. You will have trust and trust can get you a very healthy relationship.

An online dating first move can really be a stressful event.

But it can also be a great start to a healthy relationship if it goes well! Take care to keep a positive attitude. The more open you are to good things happening for you, the more likely they will.

How would you make the first move through social media?

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