First date advice: Leave these touchy topics for another day

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A first date is an exciting time for you and your potential partner.

During this first date you are getting to know each other. This is a good time to make fun conversation happen, naturally. Topics of discussion can really make or break the flow of conversation.

When you think about the topics to discuss on a first date, many good ones come to mind including hobbies, career goals, and perhaps even personal achievements.

But there are also topics to avoid during a first date. Why? Because you don’t want to alienate someone with certain subjects from the get-go. Some topics are better left for a later date.

Here are a few topics of discussion better left for  second or third date:

Marriage and children

You are testing the waters on a first date. Your goal is to see what the other person is looking for.  However, it might not be a good idea to detail the exact number of children you want and what their names will be.  This may be something to explore if the date leads to something more meaningful.  Exploring this aspect of a relationship can be exciting and a time for growth as a couple.

Medical issues

Sure, you want the other person to know a bit about your background, but discussing the results of your latest medical procedure might not be the best topic to have over dinner.

Instead of discussing these topics directly, perhaps you can broach them with mention of issues through comedy. Catch a comedy show at the Improv in Coconut Grove and notice how each of you reacts to the different topics subjects in the act.  The way you react may give you some insight as what agree on and which topics may spark some interesting debates later!

What do you avoid talking about on a first date?

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