Couples therapy: Is it ok to have a work spouse?

Couples therapy: Is it ok to have a work spouse?

Couples therapy: Is it ok to have a work spouse?

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In couples therapy, you can discuss a wide variety of topics. Anything from personal things going on between you and yur partner to things going on at work can come into play during a couples therapy session.

For instance, ever hear of a work spouse? If you have, then you either have a work spouse, or you’ve been jealous once or twice at the fact that your partner has one.

Co-workers sometimes spend more time with each other than they do with their family. At times, the friendship shared between these co-workers can appear to be more than a platonic friendship. Work spouse relationships have the following unique traits that make them different from romantic relationship one may share with their partner:

  • When a lunch break approaches, you look forward to seeing your work spouse and sharing the events of the day with them.
  • You and your work spouse share inside jokes with each other that co-workers may not be privy to.  Sometimes even your partner from your romantic relationship or marriage may not even get them either!
  • When it gets to personal matters, you may actually share information with your work spouse that other friends or even your partner may not know.
  • You may be able to discuss certain topics, such as politics or religion, with your work spouse that you might not be able to share with your wife or husband.
  • You frequently find yourself relying almost exclusively on your work spouse for work supplies or a chance to get away from your office.
  • At times, it seems like you find you are completing your work spouse’s sentences.

In Miami, the work spouse concept is not a new thing.  Many Miami co-workers have shared thoughts on the relationship they share with co-workers and find, as with any relationship, it has both positive and negative aspects.

Do you or your partner have a work spouse?  Has it ever affected the relationship you share with your partner?

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