Margaret Cho explains why her open marriage works, when others fail

margaret cho open marriage 300x525Comedienne Margaret Cho (44) reveals what makes her marriage work and why she thinks others don’t in an Aug. 14 report from Huffington Post.

Margaret Cho has been married to Al Ridenour since 2003. The fact that they share an open marriage is one relationship detail the San Francisco native has never kept a secret.

Cho has always described herself as gay or queer when it comes to her sexuality. Many in the media have labeled her bisexual since she enjoys the sexual company of both men and women.

Once again, Margaret Cho goes on record, explaining why she thinks many marriages fail, and why her is still going strong: “Oh, I do [have to have sex with people of both genders],” she said with a laugh.”

Cho adds: “That’s my response [to critics]. Good for you. But I can’t stop up that hole. But also, I don’t care too. There’s part of me that is a little detached from both emotional and sexual issues with other people. The reality is that people don’t stay in relationships for very long. But I do.”

Open marriages are nothing new in celebrity marriages. Some celebrity couples rumored to be in open marriages include celebrity chef Rachael Ray and husband John Cusimano, actor Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith, and celebrity parents Angelia Jolie and Brad.

Sociologist Eric Anderson shares why he feels marriages are healthiest and partners are free to have sex outside of their marriages: “Cheating is a product of desiring sexual novelty, and that doesn’t come through spicing up the sex another way with the same partner for year after year. That type of sexual novelty comes with a new body,”

He adds: “There’s one thing we know about relationship sex — the longer you’re in a relationship, the less sex you’re going to have. Instead of recognizing that as a product of a failed relationship, we actually need to recognize that as a product of an improving relationship.”

Societal views vary from country to country in terms of what is and is not acceptable with respect to marriage. In the United States, the “norm” is not to have an open marriage. But the younger generation is starting to open their eyes the notion of an open relationship as the way to go.

What do you think? Could an open relationship help your marriage become stronger? Is Margaret Cho on to something here?

Sources: Huffington Post Divorce, Huffington Post Gay Voices

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3 Responses to Margaret Cho explains why her open marriage works, when others fail

  1. Demetria says:

    I think open relationships work with open people, without addictions, or limitations. If someone isn’t an alcoholic or a liar who is willing to always be honest when it comes to love, then I think an open relationship is able to be just as successful or more successful than what people assume. Check out love 101 by John and Jackie! Great people with fabulous knowledge.

  2. Tera H says:

    I am a lesbian married to a man. We have been together since 1992, we have an open marriage and it has only made us stronger. 22 years together, so no Mr. Metzger divorce is not always going to happen.

  3. Gary Metzger says:

    Guarantee she will be at the divorce office eventually. Open relationships are a product of a people addicted to sexuality and there is no way the marriages will last.

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