World Zombie Day: ‘The Walking Dead’ apocalypse survival tips

World Zombie Day: ‘The Walking Dead’ apocalypse survival tips

World Zombie Day: ‘The Walking Dead’ apocalypse survival tips

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World Zombie Day 2013

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Zombies are a fan favorite, not just on Halloween for the costumes and World Zombie Day, but for fans of the gory zombie TV show on AMC, “The Walking Dead”.

Last year, news stories in Florida reported of the violence that happened as a result of ‘zombies’ and things went south from there.

This year, fans will likely enjoy World Zombie Day 2013, which takes place on Oct. 12, 2013, by watching a zombie drama or reviewing their latest list of zombie apocalypse survival tips.

So what is this World Zombie Day? Each year, zombie fanatics take to the street for charities that collect funds for local food banks. Dressed up in their favorite zombie attire, they try and collect donations.

While not exactly a federal holiday, World Zombie Day has been celebrated since 2006 when a group of zombie aficionados took it upon themselves to host a zombie walk to benefit local food banks.

Ever since this first walk, the annual holiday has continued to draw fanatics across the country to local events including pub crawls and walks that sometimes help raise donations for local communities in need.

How can you survive the zombie apocalypse when it hits? Here a few tips to consider as you take on the undead:

  • Get yourself some sturdy running shoes.
  • Stockpile! Make sure you have decent food, things that will keep you strong enough to stay alert.
  • Talk about what you want others to do to you if you ‘turn’. What do you want your family to do if this happens? This is very important!
  • Find a group of friends you trust. Remember: Safety in numbers! The more people you have around you, the more cushion you will have as the zombies close in on you.
  • Try not to say “it’s too quiet” because you’re just begging for the zombies to come crawling after you.

If you’re not sure you can hack it, check out this $24,000 zombie apocalypse survival kit.

Do you think you’re ready?

Take this fun quiz on the ABC website to see if you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse!

What’s on your to-do this for World Zombie Day 2013? Are you looking forwards to the return of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”? Note: There is no official premiere as of yet.

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