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Three fun Labor Day weekend getaway ideas for Miami families

Take a drive down to Key West. The Keys offer a great variety of places to eat, drink, and spend a relaxing day out together. From quaint little shops and dives to quiet beaches, Key West will invite you to take a break from the rat race and enjoy your family relationships. Continue reading

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Mother’s Day poems, quotes, and sayings to honor mom with love

Mother’s Day invites you to let the mom in your life know how special she is to you. Whether its through flowers, a homemade dinner, or a trip to the nearest spa, you want to let her know what she … Continue reading

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Meaning of flower colors for your special Mother’s Day gift (VIDEO)

If you want a unique rose color idea, then go for the lilac or lavender colored roses. These roses have traditionally be used to show your feeling of “love at first sight” for someone. Does any special mom come to mind?
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Keeping Your Marriage Healthy: Tips on Dealing with Family Drama

Once you are in a long-term, serious relationship, you are pretty much committed to both your partner and your partner’s family. Things are usually friendly and lovely in the beginning. It’s as though the ‘honeymoon’ phase exists for both you … Continue reading

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Lesbian mother Allison Scollar wins custody of adoptive daughter

In the case of this gay adoption, the judge was able to consider the parents, Scollar and Altman, as parents, not same-sex or lesbian parents, taking into consideration what each parent was bringing to the table. In the past, as in the case of heterosexual parents, sole custody would have been afforded to the father, or the parent making more money. Continue reading

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Online counseling may help with postpartum depression

  Online counseling has been identified as way to help many clients who cannot reach treatment when they most need it. One population identified as potential ideal clients for online or distance counseling is new mothers experiencing or predisposed to … Continue reading

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Five tips for reducing hurricane stress

  Hurricane season is upon us and those of us who have lived through past hurricanes know very well how these storms, and weather in general, can be unpredictable despite the vast media coverage. With each storm, people learn more … Continue reading

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Fun unique Father’s Day gift ideas for dad

If dad is the ‘touristy’ dad, maybe getting him memberships to the local zoos, gardens, or museums is the way to go. The perks of these memberships is that they offer their members special visiting times into their venues. Whether is a new exhibit or the latest animal babies on their way, VIP memberships for your father are fun unique gifts dad will take advantage the whole year through. Continue reading

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Marriage advice: Avoid TomKat drama, discuss religion

What if you are not sure what religion you want to engage in? Share experiences together. Maybe you can explore faiths together and see what works for you as a couple and perhaps even as a family down the road.
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Father’s day poems and quotations to honor your special dad

Many families will want to find a unique gift, such as the perfect poem or quotation to let dad know he is their hero! Poems and quote are a great way to communicate what is on your mind without the pressure of having to write something yourself. Here are a few poems and quotations dad will love on his Father’s Day this year.
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