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Contact Belky today for more information on getting started with the therapy process.
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Email & Telephone Contact Information

If you need to contact me for questions, consultations, or setting up an initial intake session, there are a few ways you can do so.

Use the contact form below or call my office directly at 305-262-0099.

I see clients at my office in the West Miami Community Mental Health Center:

Here is the information for this location:

West Miami Office
283 Park Boulevard
Miami, FL 33126
F: 305-262-0097

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Additional services I offer include:

  • Therapy for clients without insurance for a private fee
  • Clients seeking services outside of their insurance benefits
  • International or out-of-town clients seeking treatment while in Miami
  • Supervision for registered mental health counseling interns for the state of Florida
  • FaceTime counseling
  • Online counseling
  • Distance counseling
  • Telephone consultations
  • Telephone coaching
  • Resume/cover letter writing and job search coaching
  • Other services as needed
  • ‘Breakthrough’ couples therapy sessions

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