How does therapy work?

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How does therapy work?
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How does therapy work?

I offer different methods of counseling: in-office therapy, online counseling or etherapy, and FaceTime counseling.

Here’s a bit about my approach to the therapeutic process and online relationships counseling.

Counseling – How does therapy work?

As a clinically trained therapist in Miami, I will do my best to listen to your concerns.

Throughout your work together, I will offer honest feedback as to how I see things progressing.  It may seem overwhelming or confusing getting started with the process, but I will try to the best of my ability to make the experience a positive and fulfilling one.

When you feel you are ready to begin working on areas of your life that are causing you distress, please feel free to contact me. At this point, how does therapy work to help you improve your life relationships? Taking the step to read through this website and consider starting the process is a great beginning.

Talk therapy can offer many benefits including insight into your current worries, offer opportunity for personal growth, and help relieve some stress or tension as it can serve as an outlet for communicating your thoughts.  I offer a free initial phone or email consultation so that you can determine how best to work together.

Please note: All sessions are confidential in nature and any information shared, with three exceptions, are kept in strict confidence. Exceptions to confidentiality include information related to self-harm, harming a child, or harming an adult incapable of defending themselves.

My Approach to the Therapeutic Process

I offer both online or etherapy sessions as well as in-office sessions. Distance counseling can include FaceTime sessions.

My Online and Telephone Counseling sessions are offered in 30 or 60 minute increments, but this may vary depending on your needs.  (In office-sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes in length.)

During these sessions, she will actively listen to what you say.  I will also be engaged with you in problem solving and brainstorming possible solutions to your concerns.

I will propose ideas as to how you can work together. Tasks in the therapeutic relationship are carried out by both myself and you, the client.

Whether you are seeking individual therapy, family therapy, or couples therapy, her main goal as a therapist is to help you reach an emotional place in which you feel at peace with yourself.

As with many things in life, this may be a painful and uncomfortable process. Please keep in mind that as a therapist in Miami, Belky will strive to do her best to make sure you are safe and comfortable during this process.

How does therapy work for you?

The process of psychotherapy will differ with each person. While therapy may help you resolve concerns you might have, it may not cure you of other symptoms, such as depression and anxiety.

Sometimes you will only need a few sessions or emails to resolve your present concerns.  Other times there might be a need for more in-depth work. As a team, you and I may also find that you would benefit from medication – I have resources I use to refer clients to reliable doctors in the community.

Along the way, together you will decide which approach is best for you, etherapy or online counseling (with or without chat or video), telephone consultations, in-office sessions, email exchanges, or a combination of those options.

Potential benefits and limitation of online

Potential benefits to distance or online counseling include but are not limited to:

  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • You can work at your own pace
  • Technology assisted
  • Helps you work through current concerns impacting your daily functioning.

Potential risks to distance or online counseling include but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining confidentiality can be a challenge. This is addressed by using secure or encrypted methods of communication.
  • Care must be taken when keeping your private records on your computer during your treatment.
  • Clients are only accepted for online counseling if they reside in the state of Florida. (Online coaching is available for out-of-state and international customers seeking short-term guidance) FaceTime requires that you have adequate signal on your cellular phone during the entire session. If for some reason you lose signal or the call is dropped during the session, your fee will not be returned. The call can be completed when convenient for both client and therapist.
  • Keep in mind technology can fail. At these times, we will work together to find an alternative method of treatment delivery.
  • Many insurance companies to no cover online or distance counseling

Check here to contact me today for more information.

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