Online Counseling Services in Miami

online counseling services in miami 400x300Overview of Online Counseling, Distance Counseling (Telephone Consultations) and Email Exchanges:

I offer a few different online counseling services and distance counseling services.

I offer online counseling and distance counseling for help with relationships including discussion of topics such as dating, divorce, premarital, or marriage counseling. All sessions, including couples therapy, are provided via email therapy online chat session via Skype, online video conference via Skype, telephone consultations, and telephone clinical consultation.

Skype is a free program available for download.

All sessions are confidential in nature and any information shared, with three exceptions, are kept in strict confidence. Exceptions to confidentiality include information related to self-harm, harming a child, or harming an adult incapable of defending themselves.

Note: All in-office therapy services must be paid for at your first office visit. Please allow at least 24 hours for cancellation of a session.  If a session is missed, prepaid fees will be applied to future sessions.

Many major insurances are accepted for in-office therapy sessions including Medicaid. Call today for more information at 305-815-7630.

Visit the Getting Started Page for an overview of the insurances I currently accept.

How to get started with Online Counseling Services (Includes telephone consultations):

For Online Digital Chat Sessions and to begin email exchanges, if it is decided this is an effective treatment tool for you, Skype will be used to conduct sessions, secure chat, and video sessions. Treatment forms will be sent via email.

Online and Distance Counseling Services Offered:

  • Online and Telephone Consultations and Counseling Sessions: You and Belky will schedule an appointment time for telephone counseling session.
  • Available in 30 or 60 min increments. (With or without voice or video) Sessions are conducted via  Skype.
  • Email Exchange (Single – Individual or Couples Therapy) – In this form of treatment, you will send me an initial email with treatment related concerns, questions, etc. you would like to work towards resolving with the therapist.

I will respond to your therapeutic email within 2 business days. If your email involves treatment for you and your partner, each of you may take turns writing an email or you may complete emails together.

When submitting treatment emails, please let me know who has completed the email.  Email exchanges will take place via secure email server such as HushMail with helps you send encrypted and secure emails. Visit them here for more information: . (Available as single email, and packages of 4 or 8 emails)

Appointment Hours:

Week day and weekend appointments are available. This is my current availability:

Monday and Wednesday: 4pm – 10pm EST

Tuesday and Thursday: Hours vary

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Closed

Please email me or fill out the contact form available here for more information.

Fees: Visit the Getting Started Page for information on fees for online/telephone counseling services and to set up your first session today!

Note: All Distance Counseling or Online Counseling Services must be paid in advance when setting up your appointment.  Please allow at least 24 hours for cancellation of a session.  If a session is missed, prepaid fees will be applied to future sessions.

When scheduling an online appointment, payments can be made through a free  PayPal account. For the most part, online services are not covered by insurance carriers, but this is changing. Find more information on fees and online counseling here on the Getting Started page.

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