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Report: Lesbians do better than gay men in dating scene

It turns out lesbians are better daters than gay men. Dating specialist Meghann Novinskie of Mixology explains lesbian women and gay men approach differently at different ages. As expected, both men and women date similarly in their 20s. But once … Continue reading

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Fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas for gay couples

Chocolate, candies, flowers, and a romantic dinner in Miami’s hottest spot perhaps? A lot of people have trouble coming up with ideas. Your partner is unique and you know them best. With that said, what are some good gift ideas for your boyfriend this year? Continue reading

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Dent signs bill aimed at helping binational gay and lesbian couples

Republican congressman Charlie Dent signed a billed in favor of the “Uniting American Families Act” is aimed at helping binational gay and lesbian families stay together, despite threats of deportation due to changing immigration laws. Same-sex marriage is a topic … Continue reading

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