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Taylor Swift, ‘We are never ever getting back together’ reality check

At the end of the day, what really matters is how each partner feels in the dating relationship. Is it healthy for both of them? What are they getting out the relationship? Is the heartache of breaking up and getting back together worth it?
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Sugar Daddies pay for anything, Sugar Babies live the life

It’s is interesting to see that women are being classified into types of ‘retail’ labels, all based on what they seek in terms of material or financial gain. Are women become more materialistic as time goes by? Continue reading

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Dating tips: Interesting stories to share on your first date

Sharing experiences through story telling helps you establish a baseline for how you express yourself with someone you want to date. In your story telling, be honest and colorful. Continue reading

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Mother’s Day: How to celebrate mom with pictures

May is known as National Photograph Month – what better way to let mom know you love her than to express it through thoughtful photos. Continue reading

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Dating Trends: Celebrities find dates via email and texting

  Texting and email have become the norm when trying to contact others. More and more, we are seeing people connect with each other for business and personal reasons through these electronic mediums to establish and maintain healthy relationships. Even … Continue reading

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Dating Trends: Older women seeking younger men

Traditionally, you see couples that consist of a younger woman and an older man. With the changing times, dating trends apparently include that of older women seeking out younger men for dating relationships. Former power couple actress Demi Moore and … Continue reading

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