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Overview of In-office therapy services I offer:

As part of my suite of services, I offer in-office and online Miami counseling services for clients in the South Florida area.

For clients seeking an appointment in one of my office locations, I offer in-office therapy services as a program counselor with the West Miami Mental Health Community Mental Health Center.

Part of my services include individual, family, and couples therapy which are usually offered in 50 -60 minute sessions. I also offer ‘breakthrough’ sessions for couples which are 90 minutes in length. ‘Breakthrough’ sessions are offered to couples to help them work through pressing issues with a longer session time that allows more flexibility in exploring their key concerns.

Initial intake sessions are scheduled to gather information, complete paperwork, and take care of office matters. During this first appointment, I will complete a brief assessment which addresses your clinical, medical, and personal history prior to treatment for the purpose of getting to know you as we work together.

Follow-up sessions cover issues both you and I see fit for treatment as needed.

All therapy sessions, including the ‘breakthrough’ couples therapy sessions, are considered confidential with three exceptions to confidentiality including information related to self-harm, harming a child, or harming an adult unable to defend themselves.

Appointment Hours:

I offer appointments for Miami counseling services throughout the week, including weekends. These are my current hours:

Monday and Wednesday: 4pm – 10pm EST
Tuesday and Thursday: Hours vary. Only FaceTime and Skype chat sessions offered on these days.
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Closed

Please email me or fill out the contact form available for additional information.

Fees: Visit the Getting Started Page for information on fees and getting your intake session or other Miami counseling services scheduled today.

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